Tempera Washable Kids Paint Set (10 Count) CRAYOLA


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  • CRAYOLA PAINT SET FOR KIDS: Features 10 paint bottles in classic colors.
  • VARIED SURFACES: Can be used on construction, poster and drawing paper, cardboard tubes and boxes, paper mache, and more.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS PAINTING PROJECTS: This water-based paint is great for arts, crafts, school projects, and holiday decorating
  • WASHABLE KIDS PAINTS: Easily washes clean from skin and most clothing, making mom’s job easier and worry-free.
  • SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Painting supplies for kids, age 3 & up.

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Item type Washable
Model Paint
UPC 60120000
Color Assorted Colors
Brand Crayola
Dimensions 3.56 inches X 8.88 inches X 2.56 inches
Weight 16.00 ounces
Return policy NO RETURN
Cancellation policy NO CANCELLATION
Delivery Time between 3 to 8 business days