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Here are some simple tips on how you can use a regular piece of 8.5” x 11” paper to visualize how large your prints will be.

If you want a nice, big graphic, 11 to 13 inches is typically the size of what you’ll print on the shirt, depending on the size of your shirt. The longest side of a sheet of paper is 11 inches long, giving you a nice visual representation of how large your graphic may look on a shirt.

If you line up the short side of the piece of paper, you’ll get a good approximation of how your eight and a half inch wide print will look like after we print it on your shirt.

An easy way to visualize a small front logo is by folding the long side of a paper in half. This gives you a good approximation of how a smaller, centered logo will look like when it’s printed on a shirt.


Dimensions 1.00 inches X 8.00 inches X 11.00 inches
Weight 5.00 ounces
Return policy No RETURN
Cancellation policy No CANCELLATION
Delivery Time Between 7 to 9 Days.