Agenda Elementary / Coral Way School (ONLY)


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Ensure your students develop solid time-management and organizational skills with high-quality, full-color Dated Agendas. Students can jot down important events, assignments, test dates, and more in the daily planning area. Each page features educational activities and space for students to write down weekly goals and notes. The resource pages at the front and back of each planner help students explore how to set goals, manage time, study skills, and test-taking, as well as provide handy maps, pages for recording long-term assignments, and hall-pass pages. Perfect for the classroom or home school.

Size 8.5 x 11". 

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Color Assorted Colors
Model Agenda
Recommended for Elementary Students
Size 8.5"x11"
Dimensions 9.00 inches X 11.00 inches X 1.00 inches
Weight 1.00 ounces
Return policy No RETURN
Cancellation policy No CANCELLATION
Delivery Time Between 7 to 10 days